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 Lvl 60 gearing guide (from 58)

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PostSubject: Lvl 60 gearing guide (from 58)   Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:49 pm

Hello, all the stuff is from these links and what I did when I leveld lol:

Once you reach level 58, if you didn't waste all your gold away from the previous levels, you should have about 2k gold or more. What you want to do is try to get a good set of lvl 58 gear to finish the last 2 levels and beyond. This means trying to buy the highest item level lvl 58 gold item that's enchantable. So for weapons it would be:

Bowdown (for archers)
Repeated Destiny (for lancers)
Mince & Repeat (for warriors)
Sword of the Deep (for slayers)
Cleave Again (for berserkers)
Everdeep Wheel (for sorcerers)
Pure Support (for priests)
Extigencia (for mystics)

As for armor, the ilvl 129 enchantable chest, gloves, and boots should be good enough.

Once you have gotten these, you should enchant them all to +6 (higher if you want, but I would recommend saving the money). And with these, you will be able to cruise through the last 2 levels without much difficulty.
If you are cheap like me, you will likely be using these even when you are at level 60 and using them to do the dailies and whatnot.
In addition, buy the earrings of the ebon tower and the lvl 57-58 rings (forgot name at the moment). They should both be very affordable.

Lvl 59

When you get to level 59, you will get a quest to ask you to go to zulfikar fortress by the agnitor faction. This is the quest that starts you on the dailies for the Agnitor rep to do Nexus (the server lagging event). Doing nexus will get you reputation points with the Agnitor faction and let you buy some of the nice t14 gear that you will be using.

t14 gear goes like this in terms of stats: Agnitor(nexus) -> Abyss = Queen's Wrath -> Regent -> Visionmaker
Since there isn't really a huge significant jump in stats from nexus gear to the higher stuff compared to from lvl 58 to lvl 60 stuff, some people are down with just upgrading and masterworking their nexus gear instead.


Nexus is basically just a bunch of nodes that spawn 3 waves of mobs each. Finishing each wave gives increasing rep and credit towards the Agnitor faction. Closing each nexus gives 15+35+80 rep (forgot how much credits).

Nexus will happen everyday of the week except Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 pm and 7 pm PST (3 pm and 10 pm EST). 10 minutes before the thing happens you will see the nexus nodes on the Khanovar front, Argonea, and Granakus maps. Usually what happens is that people will go from the top nexus and work their way to the bottom on the Khanovar front map. When the event happens, you will want to turn everything down to the lowest setting as well as unchecking the "show other player names" to try to avoid as much lag as possible. Since there is a hp degen debuff at each nexus, wear 4 hp regen crystals on your armor at all times. If you are a melee class, you don't really need to actually go into melee range to hit those BAM mobs, since you will get credit anyways by standing around.

After the zerg works to finish the last one at the bottom on the Khanovar map, the Nexus traverse instance will open. The raid you are in will then enter the instance to clear it for loots, or enter at 5 minutes before the nexus event ends if it was a full hour raid group, in which case they will continue on and do a few of the ones in Argonea.

Note: you won't be able to enter Nexus traverse unless you are present in AT LEAST 2 nexus node closures.


This is Tera's first raid dungeon/instance/thing. The teleportal will spawn when the last nexus is closed on the Khanovar front map.

1st Room

There is only a bunch of normal mobs, the tank usually just mounts up and run through them to gather them together while everyone else aoe them down.

2nd Room

There is 2 BAMS in this room. The left one is one of those Argon armor-bird types while the right one is just a teralith/golem (the type with the large flaming spinning move). Main tank will tank one of them with the raid focusing on dpsing that thing down while the off-tank just tanks the other. I don't think there is a specific rule on doing which one first, so just follow whatever your raid is doing.

Final Room

The last boss is here alone. It's a much stronger version of those crouching dracoloth types. It will spawn adds when its hp goes down to each certain percentage.

First wave adds - a bunch of normal mobs like the first room, off-tank/or whoever will try to gather them together to be aoe'd down
Second wave add - a giant bam, kill this
Third wave add - a basilisk bam, kill this or kite it (depends on what your raid wants, killing it is the safer way)
Final wave add - another argon armor-bird bam like the second room, usually the raid will just want to kite this while everyone else work on finishing the final boss.

Note: the final boss does a signature move where you will see a bunch of large red circles on the ground. You will want to STAY THE FUCK AWAY from those red circles because they hurt, a lot. There is also an enrage timer so if your raid takes too long, the boss will 1 shot everyone.

If you ever die in this place, don't be afraid to res because you will spawn at the beginning of the instance and can just run back to join your raid.

Roll on everything that you can roll on lolol

Lvl 60

Now that you are level 60, you will get a bunch of regular quests given by each of the reputation factions to start on their dailies. Once you have done their starter quests, opening the map will show green exclamation marks around the world indicating where the dailies are. Since there is a 10/20 daily quest limit (depends on whether you have elite or not), you will want to focus on the ones that benefit your class the most. Dailies reset at 7 or 8 am PST each morning (forgot which).
Also, buy a particum necklace (or however it is spelt) from the broker to replace your current one.

Why do I want to do dailies?

You do dailies for the moolah/benjamins/dollah/gold/dough/bread. This will be your primary source of income without resorting to farming or selling stuff on the broker. In addition, there are these 2 magical factions call UTI (not the infection) and Jax Trust. They are recently added to help new lvl 60s to get some new gear without needing to waste gold on enchanting.

Work on Jax trust if you are warrior, lancer, berserker, or slayer. Work on UTI if you are archer, sorc, priest, or mystic.

Jax Trust is located in Cutthroat harbor, and UTI in Allemantheia.

The weapons sold by these factions are about equivalent to a +11 Agnitor/nexus or a +10 Abyss weapon. And the armors all have a skill bonus specific for your class, a feature only available to Regent and Visionmaker stuff. So it is well worth it to do dailies for these factions everyday. Even if you aren't interested in these gear, the vendors also sell t14 enchant fodder for 300 credits each (the gold ones). This means you can cut cost down significantly by buying fodder from these guys instead of spending hundreds if not thousands of gold on the broker.

Each of the (non-fodder) weapon and armor cost 900 credits.

Working on UTI or Jax trust will likely use up 3~5 daily quests on your log. So you want to use the rest of the space wisely for ones that are relevant to your class. Working on all the other factions will get you rings, different kinds of hats, and zyrks (crystals for rings or earrings).

Invalesco (base at Pathfinder post) = + power and + crit resist zyrks, earrings
Recommended for all class

Shariar (base at Zulfikar fortress) = + impact and + crit chance zyrks, +1.5% damage rings
Recommended for all dps classes

Valsekyr Hunt
(base at Kanstria) = + balance and + hp zyrks, +1.5% aggro rings
Recommended for tanks
Note: mobs in the map of this town all gives rep when you kill them, so you might not even have to do dailies if you like farming

Hyderad (base at Bastion) = + endurance and + mp zyrks, +5% healing rings
Recommended for healers

Hands of Velika (base at Velika) = + attack speed zyrks
Recommended for berserkers

Agnitor (base at Zulfikar fortress) = pvp zyrks, agnitor/nexus gear (at revered)
Recommended for all classes (this is what you do nexus for lol)

This table shows how many dailies you can get for each faction at each stage:

Faction Wavering Neutral Favorable Friendly Trusted Revered
Agnitor 1 1 2 2 2 2
Valsekyr Hunt 2 2 2 2 2 2
Invalesco 2 3 4 5 5 5
Shariar 2 3 4 5 5 5
Hyderad 2 3 4 5 5 5
Hands of Velika 2 3 4 5 5 5
Unified Theory Institute N/A N/A 4 4 5 5
Jax Trust N/A N/A 3~4 3~4 3~5 3~5

It will take a while before you can get Revered with the factions to buy rings off them (or earrings from Invalesco), but doing it this way will let you save a chunk of money that can be better spent on buying Abyss/Regent weapon and armor.

Earrings and Rings checked cheers

Advance Glyphs and Necklaces

At 60, you will get a regular quest called Search for Research in Allemantheia. Do this until you can see a teleportal next to the npc and the quest telling you to go into Sirjuka's Gallery. This is a link that have a guide on this particular instance:

Sirjuka Gallery

The basic gist of this instance is to finish with as much points as possible in order to get Silver and Gold Talents. It costs 15 silver talents to buy a box for your class that have a chance at giving you a random advance glyph (for your class of course). Advance glyphs or green glyphs are basically glyphs that may be similar to an existing one, but with 1 less cost to equip. It may also give stronger bonuses to some skills as well. Gold talents let you buy a specific glyph you want directly, but it costs 45 of them to buy one.

We have tried this once as a guild run, but it looks like everyone needs at least the weapon from the UTI/Jax trust to finish this instance properly. And it looks like finishing this with 200k points or more will give you a chance at getting a nice necklace as reward.

So now you probably wonder why you should be concerned with SG at all then being a new 60. This is because there is a ghetto method that let you get some silver talents by yourself by soloing it!

What you have to do is first take off all your armor except for your weapon, rings, and amulet (also unequip your weapon crystals). Once you are inside the instance, proceed past the platform with the npc on it. At the second platform, you will see a message saying thulsa's minions is attacking the crystal blahblah. Ignore the mobs in the middle wacking at the center pylon, they won't do any damage to it. Instead, if you look around the outer areas in this platform, you will see 4 smaller green crystals. What you need to do is damage TWO of these crystals down to about 5% health of less, but don't destroy them. Now you can go kill the mobs in the middle to start the trial. As soon as it starts, rush and destroy the two crystals that you have damaged before. You will now be at 2000 kill points. Some large regular mobs would have spawned and will be moving towards the middle. At this point just run to the middle and stand right where the center pylon is and let the mobs kill you. You need to do this fast enough so the mobs will kill you before they destroys the pylon. Once you are down, click cancel on the message that pops up that tells you to res there. Wait a moment until you see a new mail has arrive message and release outside. Ta-da you now have gained 2 silver talents with minimal efforts Very Happy

So to repeat, the process is: take off all your armor except amulet, rings, and weapon (also unequip weapon crystals), go inside instance, hit 2 green crystals until they are almost dead, kill middle mobs, destroy the 2 green crystals you were attacking before, run back to the middle and throw your body at the mobs to kill yourself, click cancel at res message, wait a moment to get new mail message, release outside.

You can only do SG 6 times a day with I believe a hidden 1 hour cool down (30 minutes for elite). So you can get 12 Silver talents per day, letting you buy a glyph box about every 2 days or less. You can also sell the silver talents on the broker to supplement your income because DOLLA DOLLA BILLS Y'ALL

Temple of Temerity

I have only done this once so I am not really experienced with this. The entrance to this place is in forgeheart at Kaiator. Unlike SG, there isn't really a ghetto way in doing this instance. Similar to SG however, you need to protect a crystal at the middle of the area from waves of mobs. At certain intervals in time, there will be a boss that spawns inside the side rooms. There are 3 bosses in total, a kuma type, a snail/crab thing type, and the insect/ant thing type. There is a npc inside the instance that will give you a potion. This potion lets you use your otherwise disabled skills when you are inside the rooms with the bosses. The downside to this is that the potion only lasts about 2 minutes and everyone can only get 1 potion. This means the party will have to divide somehow to kill the bosses while still protecting the crystal in the middle. In the one attempt I did on this instance, 2 dps soloed the first 2 bosses (the kuma and the snail crab thing) while the rest of us protected the crystal. When the third boss spawned, the healer, tank and I went to tackle it while the other 2 dps defended the crystal. We failed miserably however because the tank was missing the blocks and getting 1 shotted lol
So the dungeon ends when the time runs out and you get more chests depends on how many bosses you killed. The chests drops practicum and dire badges use to buy advance glyphs and boxes like the silver and gold talents.
It costs 10 practicum badge to buy a box and 30 dire badges to buy a specific glyph.



tldr = lvl 58 - buy lvl 58 stuff and +6 them
lvl 59 - do nexus quest and start doing them
lvl 60 - do dailies, ToT, SG, BT sloths, CoF (when you have good gear), farm sky garden and ET,
and eventually ACNM, ACHM, MCNM, MCHM

to be continued[u]
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PostSubject: Re: Lvl 60 gearing guide (from 58)   Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:40 pm

I found this site that has a lot of good information about gearing at 60 and some other stuff.
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Lvl 60 gearing guide (from 58)
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